J & Kayla :: Portrait

J and Kayla are 2 friends of mine. Also siblings of my brother-in-law, Kristin, so when they’re around they almost feel more like family. 🙂 I took both of their portraits for Bible school this year, so I’ll share a few with you here.

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Kayla’s friend Marsha came along for the fun, so I took a few for them near the end.blog-18 blog-19 blog-20 blog-21 blog-22

Thanks J & Kayla!


Ryan & Becca :: Wedding

Last fall I had the privilege of shooting my first wedding! I had assisted other photographers before, but never done one as main photographer. It was definitely a bit scary, but it was also a dream come true. Ryan & Becca are good friends of mine, so that made it all the better. They were super comfortable and amazing to work with! I loved being a part of their beautiful day in this way. I also want to give credit to my fabulous assistant: Cindy Peters. She made the trip with me from SMBI to north west PA for the occasion, and did a great job! Meet Mr. & Mrs. Shetler!blog-56

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Their reception was at a beautiful old barn!blog-75 blog-83 blog-76 blog-86 blog-85 blog-84 blog-74 blog-77 blog-73 blog-78 blog-80 blog-79

And they rode off into the sunset…literally! 🙂 It was a lovely day. Thanks, Ryan & Becca!

Nate & Laura :: Siblings

Good grief, this blog has been silent for a long time! It’s high time to share some more photos with you. Here’s a fun sibling pair that I got to photograph while at SMBI 1st term this past fall. Nate & Laura are a blast to hang out with and super photogenic! The evening we shot these was perfect, so I think you will enjoy them too! Meet Nate & Laura…

blog-1295 blog-1325 blog-2 blog-1368 blog-1335 blog-1340 blog-1353 blog-1399 blog-1436 blog-1409 blog-1308 blog-1454 blog-1389

Thanks, Nate & Laura, for the chance to take your photos! Miss you guys!

Chad & Brandi :: Family Session

You might recognize this family from earlier sessions I’ve posted. 🙂 They’re special to me because I babysat their boys back in the day. I don’t get to see them very often anymore, so it’s always good to see them again!! The little guys (who are not so little anymore) are super cute, so I’m afraid I’ll have to post a bunch. 🙂

CB-1 CB-2 CB-3 CB-4 CB-5 CB-6 CB-7 CB-8  CB-10 CB-11 CB-12 CB-13 CB-14One of my favorite parts of our evening was the very last segment. One of them found a grasshopper, and it brought so much delight to Hank & Cal, making my job super easy & a blast! 🙂CB-15 CB-16 CB-17 CB-18 CB-19 CB-20Favorite!! 🙂CB-21Thank you Rice family for the chance to hang out with you again in this way! 🙂

Kristin, Andrea & Emitt :: Family & Baby Sessions

It’s a little embarrassing that I post Emitt’s 6 month and 9 month photos at the same time, but he’s so adorable, and these people are so important to me that I’m pretty sure they’re better late than never. 🙂 I can’t put into words how privileged I feel to have this dear family living so close. They mean so much to me! First the 6 month & family photos…

KA-1 KA-2 KA-3 KA-5 KA-6 KA-7 KA-8 KA-9 KA-11 KA-12 KA-13 KA-14 KA-15And a quick photo with 2 of his favorite aunties. 🙂KA-16And now his 9 month photos… who could know that ornaments are so delicious?KA-17 KA-18 KA-19 KA-20Love you all!