Ryan & Becca :: Wedding

Last fall I had the privilege of shooting my first wedding! I had assisted other photographers before, but never done one as main photographer. It was definitely a bit scary, but it was also a dream come true. Ryan & Becca are good friends of mine, so that made it all the better. They were super comfortable and amazing to work with! I loved being a part of their beautiful day in this way. I also want to give credit to my fabulous assistant: Cindy Peters. She made the trip with me from SMBI to north west PA for the occasion, and did a great job! Meet Mr. & Mrs. Shetler!blog-56

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Their reception was at a beautiful old barn!blog-75 blog-83 blog-76 blog-86 blog-85 blog-84 blog-74 blog-77 blog-73 blog-78 blog-80 blog-79

And they rode off into the sunset…literally! 🙂 It was a lovely day. Thanks, Ryan & Becca!


5 thoughts on “Ryan & Becca :: Wedding

  1. Great photos! I love your website, your photos are always very inspiring!! 🙂 … First time weddings are always fun, ever though a little crazy! I did my first wedding last spring, and loved it! Although, sadly I’d never had the chance to 2nd shoot before I did that wedding… But things still went fine! Once again, great pics! I love how you captured the feel of their wedding! Perfect! 🙂

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